The Story

You’re trapped! A strange turn of events has resulted in you waking up to find yourself in a room with several other equally baffled people. You start to look for a way out and quickly realize this is no ordinary room. Seemingly everyday objects have been transformed into pieces of a grand puzzle that, if solved, will result in saving your life and the lives of your fellow captives. All you have is your power of observation, your deductive reasoning and the help of your fellow gamers. Your enemies are time and fear. Failure is not an option.

The Back Story:

Last year, a young man named Cameron Claymore III inherited the estate of his grandfather, Cameron Claymore I. He didn’t know much about him other than that he was an uncommonly smart and eccentric amateur scientist. His house, located at 5693 North Street, had been closed off since he had gone missing in 1917. His laboratory and belongings sat as he had left them. Cameron spent months pouring over his grandfathers journals and odd contraptions. One day he made a startling discovery: His grandfather had been the one who caused the Halifax Explosion of 1917! Cameron I had invented a chemical catalyst that when paired with a basic explosive caused it to become 10,000 times more powerful! According to the old man’s journals, on the morning of the Halifax explosion, he was showing top military brass from Canada, US, the UK and a handfull of American and Canadian businessmen the power of the catalyst. It was a top secret, small scale demonstration to show proof of concept. The demonstration took place in Halifax harbour on Claymore’s personal boat, the Claymore. Everyone who knew anything about Claymore’s work was on the ship that morning. As fate would have it the French munitions ship, the Mont Blanc, and the Norwegian relief vessel, the Imo, would collide right in front of the Claymore and the rest is, as they say, “real history”.

Cameron III tried to take these new found facts to the Canadian Historical Society. He thought the world should know the real story. He thought he would get a hero’s welcome. Unfortunately the guardians of history were very happy with their version and they even went so far as to mock and ridicule Cameron III. After trying many times to have his story told Cameron III realized that he would have to find a way to make them listen.

Cameron III was not the smartest man. He spent most of his life fumbling around, making many mistakes, and generally annoying people. His social skills left much to be desired and he angered easily. He was well known in Halifax and generally avoided. He did tip the scales when it came to one thing however, vengeance.

His plan was simple, bold, and totally insane. He would recreate his grandfather’s formula and on Dec. 6, 2017, (100 years after the first explosion) he would create the biggest explosion the world has ever seen! This would finally solidify the Claymore name in it’s rightful place in history and he would never be dismissed or belittled again.