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Bus Routes to the The Great Escape - HFX

The Great Escape is located at:
5693 North Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia

At the corner of Agricola ( around the corner from the famous landmark, Gus' Pub and Grill, and Ace Burger Co.), it is within easy walking distance of the following bus stops:

Stopping on North Street

Westbound, stopping at North St. & Agricola St.: 2, 4, 52
Eastbound, stopping at North St. & Fuller Terrace: 2, 4, 52

Stopping on Robie Street

Northbound, stopping at Robie St. & North St.: 7, 42, 80, 81
Southbound, stopping at Robie St. & Charles St.: 7, 42, 80, 81

Stopping on Gottigen Street

Northbound, stopping on Gottingen St. & North St.: 7, 21, 31, 33, 34, 86
Southbound, stopping at Gottingen St. & Black St.: 7, 21, 35

To plan your transit trip to us, please follow the link below, which lists transit schedules for the Halifax Regional Municipality:


There is street level parking along Agricola St., McCully St., and Willow St.